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About AEBC Internet Corporation

AEBC is one of the fastest growing and largest ISP’s in Canada. We credit our growth to superior customer service, quality assurance, and advanced technology. Our value added packages allow you to keep up with technology while keeping your costs down. We are committed to keeping you ahead of the competition by being your one place does it all solution.

AEBC Internet Corp. is a turnkey full-scale ISP company providing broadband Internet access, E-commerce and Web Hosting to novice users and up to the largest clients that belong to the institutional, commercial and government sectors. AEBC has the capability to service e-commerce clients all over the world with the use of advanced administration software that allows engineers to remotely upgrade, trouble shoot, and repair customer networks and applications. For further technical concerns and service inquiries AEBC is very glad to offer a friendly, live support to its clients.

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